T-shirt dress and over the knee boots for a comfy fall look

T-shirt dress

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I added the “on a personal note” tibet to my blog writing so that my readers could get a better sense of who I am. Today I’ve decided to flip the personal tibet to the top because I wanted to share that I am a real person with emotions and my life isn’t always picture perfect as it may seem to be at times.

On a personal note: I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, but sometimes even I can’t stop thinking negatively. This week has been extra hard on me and no it isn’t because Trump won the election…it’s because as positive as I try to be everything seems to be going wrong lately. Ever since I got back from North Carolina it’s been bad news after bad news. Some of them being as pity as the newest episode of Younger not being on OnDemand and others as big as loosing a very large account for Laura Wears. Trying to stay positive I told myself things like you can watch the show another day, and everything happens for a reason, think of all the good in your life etc. But amid of all my positive thoughts, the negative ones were hard to push out and thus I broke down and cried.

Why is all of this happening to me? Maybe if I would have done this I wouldn’t be in this position. What do the other people have that I don’t? Maybe I’m not cut out for this industry. The negative thoughts were endless. But if there is one thing I’ve learned in my few years of blogging and honestly just living in Miami, it’s that thick skin is a must. So I wiped my tears and decided to share something a little more personal with you to show you that my life is far from perfect and I too face many problems at times.

On a fashion note: I’m obsessed with this olive T-shirt dress! I’ve been wearing it none stop for the past month because it’s so easy dress up or down. I’ve worn it with boots, converse and even wedges for the warmer days. The dress comes in a few colors and is honestly so soft and perfect for the fall season!

Love always, Laura B.

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  1. Tensi
    November 10, 2016 / 7:40 pm

    Gorgeous! ❤️

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