New Year’s Eve hair idea featuring Aussie Instant Freeze gel

New Year’s Eve hair idea New Year's Eve hair idea

I’ve always considered New Year’s Eve to be one of the most glamorous nights of the year! But for me finding a hairdo that is equally as fabulous as my sequin dress is never an easy feat. While I love wearing my hair pin straight or in loose waves for a big night out, NYE hair has to be able to withstand humidity and look just as good at midnight than when it left the house. So to take my NYE look to the next level I decided to go with an updo this year with a little help from Aussie! And of course I’m sharing it with all of you just in time for the holiday!

I always start any hairdo with clean hair! I’m currently washing my hair with Aussie’s Total Miracle 7in1 Shampoo and Conditioner. I also use their 3 Minute Miracle Strong Conditioning Treatment. (read why here!) After washing your hair you can either air dry it or blow dry it. I prefer to blow dry it because it leaves hair more manageable. Now for the fun part! As you can see in the picture above the crown braid is actually faux. I honestly can’t braid my hair to save my life! So when I found these hairpieces by Just Braydz I instantly fell in love! The pieces come in multiple colors and styles and are so easy to incorporate into hairdos!

The first step is to comb your hair down the middle. Once you have a straight line place the faux braid over your hair and place the top of the braid exactly where you’d like it to be. I chose about an inch back from my forehead. Then take the braid off and brush back the hair starting at the backend of the faux braid. This will give the impression of a realistic braid.

Now it’s time to divide the hair. Start by taking two medium size strands from each side and separating them in the front. We’ll work these two strands in at the end. Then divide the rest of the hair into 3-4 sections depending on how much hair you have.

Now we are going to start the wrapping process! Start with a corner section of hair and warp it over the headband elastic until the piece comes out beneath. The first wrap should be tight since we’ll be wrapping over it once more. The second wrap should cover the ends and be more loose than the first wrap since we are adding volume with this warp. If you have long hair like me, you’ll have to wrap each piece more than twice.

Continue to wrap the rest of the hair strands around the elastic until you reach the two front strands. Now that you have your hair fully wrapped you can wrap the front strands. In order for the front strands to look pretty you should twist them and then wrap the under the braid. This will allow you to pull the strands and accommodate them to your liking. I like the strands to cover my ears and have a deep swoop to them so I pull them extra.

This is what your fully headband should look like in the back! As you can see there are a lot of little pieces sticking out and the over all look is pretty messy!

To polish the hairstyle I squeezed some Aussie’s Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel on my finger tips and ran it through my hair. I specially focused on the wrapping making sure I secured all the fly aways and secured the hair together. What I love most about the Aussie gel is that while it gives me an all day hold, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling hard or stiff. Best part is there is no need for bobby pins! Which is AMAZING since they always give me such a headache!

I hope you babes love this messy, yet polished New Year’s Eve hair idea as much as I do! I know I’ll be rocking it this Saturday night and maybe even for a wedding I have coming up. For more awesome Aussie hair products check out the full line HERE on Amazon! Having your hair products shipped to your home is a huge time-saver!

Thank you to Aussie for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #DitchTheDrama #ad New Year’s Eve hair idea

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