Shoe shopping on Amazon plus two day delivery!

I’ve been meaning to share my latest secret with ya’ll for a while now, and today I’m finally going to spill the beans on where you should be shoe shopping! If you are anything like me than you know finding a good shoe sale makes anything better! So while on the hunt for these Steve Madden heels at the best price I stumbled upon and realized I had hit the gold mine of shoe shopping on a budget! Not only did I find these heels for less then $64 (they are $90 in Nordstrom), but I got them in just two days with free prime shipping! Plus they have free returns! is also a great source when you are searching for shoes that are sold out else where. I don’t know how many times I’ve been looking for a trending shoe that’s sold out everywhere and found it on Amazon. Seriously Amazon is seriously the best!

So I’ll leave you with all my favorite shoe-finds here just in case you want to add a few to your closet! These get to my house on Friday and these (under $20) have summer written all over them! 😉 Oh and these popular pink heels are $90!

Love always, Laura B.

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