Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him he’ll actually love and use

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Valentine's Day gift ideas for him

While guys may not be the biggest fans of Valentine’s Day, they are still big fans of receiving gifts! But what do you get a guy who has a shirt in every color or a tie collection so extensive that one more won’t be special? This year I’m taking the guesswork out of selecting a not so basic present for the men in your life. Because lets get real guys are always the most difficult people on our gift list. So don’t stress and check out my stellar ideas that will delight your father or your cute beau.

one // Beer Chiller

Men like beer and they like it cold! So this Valentine’s Day gift them a trinket that will keep their beer cold all through out the party! Freeze them before a party and bae will never have to deal with warm beer again! Plus it comes with two, so you can reap the benefits too 😉

two // Travel Bag

A stylish travel bag proves to be the most practical gift for the world traveler. Unlike women, men don’t think about purchasing a nice travel bag and this one is cool, elevated and they are sure to use it!

three // Leather Phone Case

Up his tech game by giving his cellphone the proper home! This red leather phone case fits just the bill and is seriously so luxurious and has the cool factor!

four // The Core Collection

Dudes aren’t the greatest at picking out the best grooming staples, but that’s why they have you! The Core Collection brings the 3 essential necessities for a smooth shaven face that will have bae stubble free and ready to kiss!

five // Tile Mate

This one is so ubercool, I ordered two for Greg! Meet Tile, a bluetooth tracker that easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast.

six // Swim Trunks

Another great gift for the men in your life is a pair of swim trunks! The warmer days are almost upon us and the dudes will be hitting the water in style thanks to you!

seven // Superstar Adidas  a pair for you here 😉

A classic sneaker is an essential shoe in every man’s closet! I gifted a blue pair to Greg for Christmas and I recently saw him eyeing these in red! AKA he loves them and I don’t blame him they are seriously awesome!

eight // Beer Flight

For the beer enthusiast I highly recommend this beer flight! It’s functional and comes with a chalkboard inlay for easy beer identification! Nice handwriting not a necessity!

nine // Fashionable Flask

A shinning stainless steel flask wrapped in a jungle printed is the perfect gift for the sophisticated party boy! He’ll carry it in style plus it’ll spark conversation at the party!

ten // Sexy Boxers a sexy pair for you here

What lies beneath is just as important! 😉 This Valentine’s Day get your bae in a pair of sexy boxers with this pair by Hugo Boss! You’ll thank me later!

eleven // Cards Against Humanity

For the dude with a sense of humor this is the gift to get! It’s a party game for horrible people and it’s really quite easy. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

So be original and order him something not so basic that he is sure to love!


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