Spring denim trends to wear now and all summer long and how to style an oversized denim jacket

spring denim trends

| Nordstrom Top | Nordstrom Jeans | Nordstrom Denim Jacket | Steve Madden Heels | Dylanlex Necklace (affordable option) |

Denim and I have been best friends for a very long time, so it’s no surprise that my outfits can get monotonous pretty quickly. Because lets face it, a pair of blue denim jeans matches with practically everything. Thankfully denim also comes in multiple colors, including a crisp white. And guess what, white jeans match with practically everything too! But just in case consider this look your next white jean outfit formula! spring denim trends

Start with a cute top! Any color will work, but for spring try a light blue like this crop top. I love this specific top not only because the color is perfect, but the ruffle detail adds character and looks major with a pair of denim shorts too! Speaking of denim, adding an oversized denim jacket to a pair of white jeans instantly elevates your outfit. This oversized jacket is my all time favorite. I’m wearing an XXS! Finish off your look with a statement necklace in a silver tone, like any of these by Dylanlex. Here is an affordable alternative which I love! For shoes stick with a neutral heel which will keep your look fresh and crisp.

On a personal note: I started up my youtube channel again!!!! I won’t lie I was so nervous uploading that first video. It’s one thing to write your thoughts on a blog post and a whole other thing to speak to a camera and upload it without feeling stupid. But that’s the whole thing about blogging, you need to be vulnerable and let people think whatever they want and be okay with it. And guess what… I am okay with it. Because while there are always going to be haters, there will also always be people who support you and love what you do! So if you get anything out of my blog posts/videos I hope it’s that you should always just got for it and do what makes YOU happy! spring denim trends

Love always, Laura B.


spring denim trendsspring denim trends

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