Millennial Pink and Major Writer’s Block

Millennial Pink

pink duster coat| Pink Duster Forever 21 | Ann Taylor Tank Top | Forever 21 Ripped Jeans | Steve Madden Heels | Taudrey Pearl Bracelet | Taudrey Lace Chocker |

Long gone are the days where pink is considered girly and childish. Today the pretty hue is actually considered powerful AF! The color pink has now come to be known as millennial pink which represents strong women. And these strong women are rocking the color in all categories from home decor, apparel and bold hair colors. While I’d love to dye my hair pink, and seriously think about it a lot lol. I decided to play it safe and get on the millennial pink band wagon with this chic pink duster.

I feel like I don’t have to say this, but this style and color combination couldn’t have been more perfect. I mean seriously how much more millennial could a pink duster coat be… Not to mention it’s kinda like a cape and women are super heroes 😉 Anyways, I paired the duster coat with my favorite ripped jeans and a light pink tank top to keep cool in the hot summer weather. Keeping it millennial as possible I added a dainty lace choker and a pair or clear heels.

On a personal note: I’ve had major writer’s block these past few weeks, hence the lack of new posts. Blogging is a creative process and honestly I don’t like publishing posts that I feel are subpar. I’ve also wanted to start sharing more really personal stories and current events, but not sure how or where to start. So with that being said, I’ll share this…I’ve been struggling with my weight for a few months and it’s really making me self conscience. I know I’m not “fat” but when your clothes starts to not fit anymore it’s really stressful. The worst part is I have a serious fast food addiction, so it makes it even harder. But I decided to do something about it and I’ve been going to the gym almost everyday in hopes that it helps. So I’ll keep you guys updated, and hopefully once I start seeing results I can share my work out routines with you!

like always thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura B.


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