Walk in closet reveal and how I revamped it for summer

Walk in closet reveal

Walk in closet reveal

I’m SO excited to finally be sharing my walk in closet on the blog!! I’ve been wanting to share my space with all of you for what seems like forever now, but for some reason I never felt as if it looked pretty enough to share. Every season I like to revamp and reorganize my closet and last week as I prepared for the summer months I shared a quick snap of the space and got so many requests to do a closet reveal. So I said why not?!?! So here it is my closet reveal / revamp for summer!

Four years ago I was telling my mom how frustrated I was with all my shoe boxes and how I never knew what shoes I had because I couldn’t see them. I explained how I would love to add more shelves to my existing closet and pitched her all these great concepts to fix my “shoe problem.” So my mom and I headed to IKEA to buy a few shelves and that’s when we discovered the PAX system and how affordable it was. A few months later we convinced my dad what a great feature it would be in the house and BAM the dream was becoming a reality! walk in closet reveal

Walk in closet reveal

As far as the space goes, it was a regular room in my house that I decided to turn into a closet. The best part about the space is that it is conveniently attached to my bedroom! I love this because it makes the space feel like an actual closet instead of an extra room.

My closet has a total of six PAX wardrobe frames. Four of the largest (39 1/4×22 7/8×93 1/8 “) one measuring at  (29 1/2×22 7/8×93 1/8 “) and a connecting corner wardrobe. I also went with the tallest wardrobes to maximize hanging space. The cool part of designing your closet with IKEA is that you really get to make it exactly as you want. I added all the shelves and drawers to my liking!

Walk in closet revealWalk in closet reveal

When I designed the closet I didn’t take into account my purses and all my future purses. At one point I started to stuff them on the top shelves and my closet seemed cluttered. That’s when I found the gold bins at Home Goods! The gold bins not only added a nice detail to the space but it kept it clean and easy to store my handbags! I also added hooks to the wardrobes where I can visibly hang the larger handbags. Since it’s summer I hung the colorful bags that I reach for more this season. I recently found these acrylic purse organizer I’m planning on using for the clutches I use more frequently! walk in closet reveal

Walk in closet reveal

I purchased the white mirror at Home Goods along with the faux fur on the acrylic chair. The chair was a gift from Greg for my birthday last year as well as the gorgeous chandelier which is from Home Depot. I love placing my beach hats on my mirror to make the room feel more summery and so I remember which ones I have!

Walk in closet reveal

To add more depth I decided to add a mirror to one of the wardrobes. Naturally I went with a gold one, which I found at an estate sale. I also added these jewelry hooks to merchandise my long necklaces. Plus this is a great way of storing them so they won’t get tangled! The necklace holder stand was a new addition for the summer that I found at home goods for $12!!! I feel like the picture doesn’t do it justice because it is seriously so pretty!

Under my dresses I have three drawers. The first one is this glass top drawer I use to store my statement necklaces. The acrylic divider can be found at IKEA and is only about $30 if I remember correctly! The other two drawers store my work out clothes and beach wear. During the winter months I replace the beachwear drawer with my favorite jackets and scarves! walk in closet reveal

I also found this bunny plate at Home Goods I use to hold my earrings. The bunny plate is probably one of my favorite decor pieces in my closet. IDK why but the bunny is just sooo cute!

On the other side of the room I have this marble desk which I also found at Home Goods for $200! I use this desk to apply my makeup or work on blog posts. I always like to have a fresh candle on the table and a pretty lamp. For the summer season I found this gold and aqua blue one on amazon! The gold makeup mirror can be found here and makes a seriously cute addition to any makeup table or bathroom vanity! On the right side of my test I also have an acrylic box I use to store my makeup. This has been such a life saver in cutting down my makeup time.

Phewww! That was a majorly long post, but I wanted to make sure I touched base about all the items in my closet! But if you have any questions feel free to ask me in a comment or shoot me an email! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse inside my house, especially of a room I spent a lot of my time in. walk in closet reveal

like always, thanks for reading!

Love always, Laura B.


walk in closet reveal

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  1. May 31, 2017 / 8:36 pm

    Love it! Looks amazing. How much was each of the PAX. I’m on Ikeas site now and trying to match up yours to what Ikea has but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

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