Trend Alert: How To Wear A Bustier Over Your Shirt Dress

How To Wear A Bustier Over Your Shirt Dress

How To Wear A Bustier Over Your Shirt Dress| Nordstrom Shirt-Dress | Missguided Bustier |YSL Heels | Ralph Lauren Purse – love this one | Nordstrom Sunnies |

The layered look among the style set this season is by far corsets and bustiers over just about anything, but one look I personally love is over the classic shirt dress. Pulling off the forward-thinking trend, however, is a bit tricky (tucking an oversize shirt into a waist-cinching piece isn’t exactly easy). Luckily, I’ve found the perfect shirt dress that is already cinched at the waist, taking the guesswork out of layering!

The second I saw this waist cinched shirt dress I knew I had hit fashion gold. Not only is the dress perfect for the current layering trend, but it’s also perfect as a stand alone piece. Having a petite frame makes it extra important to wear fitted clothing, so you can see why wearing a loose man’s shirt isn’t my ideal option. With this fitted dress I get to be on trend while feeling feminine and sexy and not like I’m wearing a sack meant for potatoes(lol!) Plus it looks perfect with either a bustier like the one I’m wearing, or a corset.

Anyways, I paired the look with my current favorite heels, the YSL Tributes in grey, and a black patent purse. Then to give the look a “Clueless” 90s era vibe I added these white sunnies, which I also thought went perfect with the green plaid of the bustier. Random funny thought: The first time I wore this look was on my trip to Chicago and when I got dressed Greg and my cousin both starting laughing. They thought I looked like I was wearing a lederhosen!!! I’ll admit it was really funny, but not funny enough to stop me from wearing it. (Boys and their non-fashion sense…lol)

On a personal note: My birthday is right around the corner, November 30! I’m not sure how to feel about it…I’m officially almost closer to 30 than 20! I’ve never been one to complain about my birthday or my age, but I do find myself feeling older and that kinda freaks me out. On a brighter note I’ll be heading to Disney with 4 of my closest girl friends so that should be fun!

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Love always, Laura B.

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How To Wear A Bustier Over Your Shirt Dress 

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