Thoughtful Jewelry Pieces To Buy As Holiday Gifts for the Special Women in Your Life

The older I get the more I realize the importance of meaningful holiday gifts. This year I wanted to pick presents  that my loved ones would adore and cherish not just in the moment, but for years to come. As I put more and more thought into it, I realized that jewelry always hits a home run when it comes to gift-giving, especially for women. That’s why I decided to pick timeless jewelry pieces from Tous to gift to the beautiful women in my life!

Ever since I was little I’ve not only loved Tous’s jewelry, but I loved all the tender meanings their collections had, make sure to check out their latest tender moments video at the end of this post. Anyway, when I went to the store this past week I feel in love with two main collections, Eklat and Rubric. The Eklat collection features some of their classics with a bit more shine, like this bracelet and the Rubric collection has more of a heritage feel with pieces featuring cutting edges, like this pendant.  What I love most about these collections is that they are timeless and the women receiving these gifts will be able to cherish the pieces forever.

So which lucky ladies are these gorgeous baubles going to you ask…Well for my mother I picked this ring from the Eklat collection and this pendant from Rubric, along with this mini tote purse. For my older sister I choose this bracelet and matching ring from the Eklat collection and this oh so trendy blue colored purse. – I might have purchased one for myself too 😉 Then I bought both my aunt and cousin these earrings from the Rubric collection!

Whether you’re looking for your mother, sister, best friend or want to send your S.O. a not-so-subtle hint, hey babe 😉 make sure to check out all of Tous’s collections because I know you’ll find something beautiful and special.

Love always, Laura B.

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