How to save your pennies this holiday season at JCPenny!

This post was kindly sponsored by JCPenny, but like always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

My love for Christmas runs deep, but my wallet on the other hand…not so much! Checking off everyone on my holiday list seriously takes a toll on my bank account, that’s why this year I happily accepted the #JCPChallenge!

Basically the challenge was to get everyone on my holiday list a present from JCPenny with only $150. Now, that may seem like a lot of money, but when you have a long list of loved ones the dollars add up quickly. Either way I was determined to succeed! So on my way I went to cross off all the names on my list at JCPenny, thankfully all their stores are the perfect one stop shops as they have multiple departments. This was a true saving grace as my family and friends asked for a slew of different things this year, all which I  found at good ol’ JCPenny.

So, I thought it only appropriate to share one big fat gift guide with all my purchases, which I’m happy to say did not go over my $150 budget. Lets start with my mom! My mom is always the easiest to shop for. We both have very similar taste, so if I love something I know she will too. Therefore, when I saw these Swarovski crystal earrings I knew she’d love them. Now I was hesitant to look at the price since anything with Swarovski crystals tends to be on the pricey side…eek! But, with all the current discounts the price lowered from $59 to only $17.99 If that’s not an amazing deal IDK what is!

For my grandmother I found this cozy sweater which I know she’ll adore. They had it in a few different colors, but I decided to go with this champagne hue as my abuelita loves neutral colors. I also personally think it looks so expensive in this color, especially since it has hints of glitter throughout. So, how much did I pay for this? If you guessed $50, you are so wrong! This fashionista paid only $12.99 for this gift! I saved a total of $15 by shopping it at JCPenny.

I kept the low prices going with my boyfriend’s gift, as well as my dad’s. For Greg I went with these funky socks I found for only $6 a pair! At that low price, I decided to get him four pairs. I’ve always thought funky socks are a great gift idea for men as most men see funky socks as a fun way to jazz up their work attire. As for my dad, I wanted to get him a trendy shirt. So, when I found this polo by Liz Claiborne I knew I found a winner. For only $18.46 with tax I was able to find a trendy top for my dad by a well known brand. Anywhere else this polo shirt would have been a lot more expensive!

For the next person on my list I thought I’d be shopping in the toys aisle, but she specifically asked for a watch this year. My adorable niece thought outside the toy box and went with a gift she could wear to school! Can we just take a moment to realize how cute this is?!?!? I was hesitant to start my search for a watch a little girl would like and that wasn’t cartoon related, as she has passed that 5 year old stage. But then I came across this gem! As if I wasn’t already sold on the rose gold beauty, the interchangeable straps made it a home run for me. Not only is she getting one incredibly gorgeous watch, she’s getting five different straps along with it. I can just imagine her changing the strap for everyday of the school week. Even better I only paid $17.99 for pretty much five watches! #BestTiaEver

When it comes to gifts, I like to make sure they are practical and that the person will actually use them. Which is why this triple travel cosmetic bag is the perfect gift for my tia. I know the globe trotting makeup lover that is my aunt will use this gift for years to come. What made it the perfect gift? The three different bag sizes that could be used in multiple ways. I personally recommend using the small one in your actual purse to carry frequently reached for products, such as lip balm or powder. The medium sized bag to store your makeup brushes, and the large cosmetic bag to store all the products you are traveling with. The good thing is I saved a ton of money on this gift and only paid $14.99 instead of $38!

For my bestie it was a no brainier when I saw these stemless wine glasses! One reads “Wine Not?” and the “Drinks Well with Others” If my baffle doesn’t love these, well I’m taking them back because I seriously love them so much! So if my Secret Santa is reading this…you now know what to get me! 😉 Anyway, I love this gift option because I think it feels young, hip and practical and you all know I love gifting practical things! I also believe this is a great option for a Secret Santa or holiday gift exchange, because when the original price is $24 but you only pay $8.99 the gift practically pays for itself!

The last two people on my list were my sister and cousin.  Thankfully they were super easy to shop for and when I found these earrings that were originally $19 and $27 for only $9.99 I knew I found the perfect gifts for these ladies! I think both of these pairs of earrings are such a cute gift idea for the trendy ladies in anyone’s life! This is also a very cute Secret Santa gift idea, especially if you want to give a pair to all the ladies in your class or at your job!

I can’t believe Christmas is this Monday! It really feels like I just celebrated my birthday and Christmas is still 25 days away! But I’m so happy I was able to get all my Christmas gifts for this year under $150 and all in just one place! So if you have any last minute shopping to do, I highly suggest you go to JCPenny!


Love always, Laura B.


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